Feet Slave video – Emily gets punished

Well we promised you some videos and today we bring you a feet slave video featuring another very dominant red headed mistress as she gives her little slutty sex slave some harsh treatments. She felt in the mood to have her feet taken care of and her trusty sex slave was on hand to complete the job. As a side note we want to say that we appreciate your support so far in following our content guys, we promised you great scenes and we’re going to keep delivering them without fail. But we digress so let’s get this feetslave show on the road.

The sexy mistress calls in her slave and simply takes off her shoes ordering the short haired woman to start worshiping them. The lady does so without hesitation as she starts to suck and lick on her feet to prove to het mistress that she’s very loyal. Enjoy seeing her tending to the dominatrix’s feet with all of her skill today and enjoy guys. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the updates as well, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in the very least. And with that we take our leave. As always expect us soon with more  feet slave pics guys! Also you can enter sexy Mistress T‘s site and see some sexy mistresses in great hardcore sex scenes!


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Lesbian Feet Slave

Hey there once again guys, we return today with another superb lesbian feet slave update today. Yes again we bring you another pair of ladies that get to enjoy some fetishistic treatments today. The ladies in question are long time buddies and they always do things together in addition to fucking. There’s also a more unknown side to these two that you will see explored for your viewing pleasure today. You see these ladies like to take turns playing the dominant female as the other one gets to play the FeetSlave , so let’s watch them.


As the cameras started rolling and shooting these feet slave pics the two women started off their little session with the short haired lady taking the role of the dominant female this time. The mighty mistress takes her spot on the couch and presents her buddy with her sexy feet that she’s suppose to take care of for tonight. So watch as the lady does her best to please her master as she kisses and sucks on her sexy toes. As always we’re hoping you enjoyed this scene and we’ll return next week with another superb update. Until then everyone!

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Lick my high heels clean

This week we have another feet slave porn gallery and we hope it will be to your liking. In this scene we have another naughty male that gets his due treatment as he talked back to his mistress. The mistress itself is a very beautiful and sexy Asian woman that knows a thing or two about keeping her guys in check. And since the sex slave was very naughty she has no other choice but to teach her feet slave a harsh lesson today. And probably he won’t soon forget it if he knows what’s good for him. let’s get this show started.

It seems that he somehow managed to break his mistresses’ high heels and she is not happy about it as you can imagine. And this calls for some hard punishment to be delivered to the guy tonight. As the sexy woman browses the net she calls in the naughty guy and she has him lying on his back in front of her on the floor. She then nags him about the shoes and asks if he’s proud of what he did, so as a punishment she grabs her high heels and she makes him lick them. Well at least she sure enjoyed herself today. Until next time!


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FeetSlave – Sexy lesbian feet adoration

Well another week swung by and we want to bring you one more feetslave porn update today. This time we have one more hot red head working on her master’s sexy feet for your viewing pleasure. It seems that her master is very much in need of some special treatment for her feet and toes, and her mouth seems to be the only remedy for that. So in essence you get to see another superb scene with these two hotties and the superbly sexy red head gets to service her master’s little cute feet.


As the scene starts the dominant female takes a seat on a chair and takes off her shoes as the lusty sex slave crawls to her side. Watch her as she presents the red headed beauty with her foot, and see her as she starts to lick and suck on it with a passion. The mistress sees this and since she thinks that the little lady is doing a great job she tried to shoe her foot inside her mouth. Watch the two spending this afternoon engaging in some very hot and brutal scenes together. Have fun with this one guys and check out http://footsiebabeshd.com/ website if you are looking for similar content. Bye!

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Feet Slave – Lick my heels clean

Today we have another feet slave porn scene in this superb update and you’ll get front row seats to enjoy the show. This scene has the red head that you’ve seen in a past update, and who is looking just like kinky QueenSnake, taking matters into her own hands as she becomes the mistress and another woman her little sex slave today. The two wanted to go for an outing and just enjoy the sunny weather, but that was just a cover for their true intentions. This superb mistress feels that her sex slave is forgetting about taking care of her needs so they actually wanted to have a private feetslave scene.

They walk and walk until they reach a nice spot and they stop. Then the red head mistress offers up her feet so that the horny little slut can suck and lick on her shoes while she watches. So today you’ll get to see that eager sex slave as she licks up and down on her master’s feet for your viewing pleasure. So watch the two go at it for the rest of the afternoon until it gets dark and they have to return home. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you again next week with even more content as hot as this. We’ll also bring you some feet slave videos soon!

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Punishment and feet adoration

Another fresh week and time for one more feet slave video galleries update. Today we’d like to present to you this hot couple that lavish in this kind of fetish every time they get the chance. So we’re taking a trip to their house to see how a usual day goes by and to watch just how they like to spend their time when things get down and dirty. The pair here are a nice couple and at first look they don’t look like much, but you’d be mistaken. You see the guy here has an unbearable lust for feet and to be dominated by a woman.


Well rest assured that his wife is always on the case when he feels the need and she’s always happy to help. She sais that she always enjoys giving her man a rough treatment and it makes her feel even happier when she knows he’s satisfied. So go to feetslave and watch her punishing her man by climbing on top of him. You’ll also get to see her play around with his cock as she’s still dressed as she teases him. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be seeing you again next week guys just like always! Until then enter the chantas bitches site and see some poor sluts getting tied up and fucked!

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Feet Slave – Playing outdoors

Hey there once again feet lovers. We have more feet slave pics today for you to see and we’re sure that you will enjoy each and every picture in this gallery. For this one we decided to move to the outdoors for the photo shoot and we had one horny male slave along with his dominant mistress to put on their show just for your viewing pleasure guys. Well this lady sure has her man in check as she only has to give him a command in order for him to execute it on the spot. So come on in and watch just how well trained this male sex slave is.

As you know, so far we’ve had some rebellious guys at feetslave or they were unaware of the ladies true intentions. Well this guy, is one shining example of how you should treat your mistress and you get to see how obedient he is today. As they come to a stop the lady takes off her shoes and presents him with her naked feet. He knows what he has to do and you can see him getting to work sucking on her toes and licking on her feet. That’s about it for now guys, come back next week when we’ll have some more fresh scenes for you to enjoy. Also you can visit jb video blog and watch other great foot fetish scenes!


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Feet adoration scene

Today we return with more feet slave pics for your viewing pleasure. This time we have another pair of hot women doing their thing and enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon just like in Jessie Andrews footfetishdaily video. Well one of them is…Actually no both of them are as they both enjoy what they’ve been doing. The super hot brunette with the long flowing hair is acting as the dominant mistress and she has her slutty little sex slave taking care of her feet with just her lips and tongue today. And the submissive red headed cutie? Well she enjoyed licking on them just as much.


So let’s not waste any more time and get this feetslave show update on the road. Without further due watch as the mistress takes her spot on the big chair and see her present her feet to her slave. The red head wastes no time and gets straight to work on her mistresses’ feet without delay. So just enjoy the scene guys, we know that you love these ladies when they do this sort of thing. We’re just going to leave this with you to enjoy it and we’ll be taking our leave. So enjoy and stay tuned for next week’s update when we’ll have more galleries to show off!

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FeetSlave – Facial massage

This week we have another set of feetslave pics with a hot mistress punishing her little man slut. The story behind all of this is interesting to say the least. Turns out that the two had no prior relations before tonight and this was actually the first ever time that they met. The guy picked her up at the club tonight and she straight out told him what she enjoys, but the guy wouldn’t be deterred. He was going to get some of that ass tonight one way or the other. Well the other would be an understatement as you’ll surely see in this update.

He insisted to go back home to her place and she warned him but the guy still wouldn’t have any of it. Once at her residence, things started to get wild in his mind as she locked the door behind them. Well wild it was by the end as this sexy mistress bounded him and had him lying on the floor while she was teasing him with her long sexy legs and feet. She is looking just like the chicks from HD fetish pictures! Watch her as she gives him a facial massage with her bare feet and enjoy guys. We can safely say that the guy enjoyed it as well in the end. So come back next week for more fresh content!

guy forced to kiss her toes

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Feet Slave – Under feet

Hey there once again everyone, we return this time with some superb Feet Slave pics that are sure to please you and sate your needs. In this amazing gallery of foot fetish pictures we have a very tough blonde dominatrix that treats her sex slave very roughly and you will get to see just how she does it in theses fresh pictures. And to start things off let’s talk a bit about our unusual couple here. You see this blonde always wore the pants on their relationship and the guy always has to abide by every word that this sexy woman tells him.


And today you get to see what happens when he’s not being obedient. So without any further due, sit back and go to feetslave and see the sexy mistress punishing her man. He dared to talk back to her after he didn’t do his chores for the day and she had to make an example out of him once again. She is very crazy, just like the chicks from spandex porn videos, so she drags him in the hallway where she has him laying down as she climbs on top of him asking who’s the boss of the house. Only when he admits to her being the leader she gets off and allows her man slut to enter back in the house. Enjoy guys and see you next week!

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