FeetSlave – Facial massage

This week we have another set of feetslave pics with a hot mistress punishing her little man slut. The story behind all of this is interesting to say the least. Turns out that the two had no prior relations before tonight and this was actually the first ever time that they met. The guy picked her up at the club tonight and she straight out told him what she enjoys, but the guy wouldn’t be deterred. He was going to get some of that ass tonight one way or the other. Well the other would be an understatement as you’ll surely see in this update.

He insisted to go back home to her place and she warned him but the guy still wouldn’t have any of it. Once at her residence, things started to get wild in his mind as she locked the door behind them. Well wild it was by the end as this sexy mistress bounded him and had him lying on the floor while she was teasing him with her long sexy legs and feet. She is looking just like the chicks from HD fetish pictures! Watch her as she gives him a facial massage with her bare feet and enjoy guys. We can safely say that the guy enjoyed it as well in the end. So come back next week for more fresh content!

guy forced to kiss her toes

See this babe giving this guy a facial massage with her feet!