Lesbian Feet Slave

Hey there once again guys, we return today with another superb lesbian feet slave update today. Yes again we bring you another pair of ladies that get to enjoy some fetishistic treatments today. The ladies in question are long time buddies and they always do things together in addition to fucking. There’s also a more unknown side to these two that you will see explored for your viewing pleasure today. You see these ladies like to take turns playing the dominant female as the other one gets to play the FeetSlave , so let’s watch them.


As the cameras started rolling and shooting these feet slave pics the two women started off their little session with the short haired lady taking the role of the dominant female this time. The mighty mistress takes her spot on the couch and presents her buddy with her HotLegsAndFeet that she’s suppose to take care of for tonight. So watch as the lady does her best to please her master as she kisses and sucks on her sexy toes. As always we’re hoping you enjoyed this scene and we’ll return next week with another superb update. Until then everyone!

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