Lick my high heels clean

This week we have another feet slave porn gallery and we hope it will be to your liking. In this scene we have another naughty male that gets his due treatment as he talked back to his mistress. The mistress itself is a very beautiful and sexy Asian woman that knows a thing or two about keeping her guys in check. And since the sex slave was very naughty she has no other choice but to teach her feet slave a harsh lesson today. And probably he won’t soon forget it if he knows what’s good for him. let’s get this show started.

It seems that he somehow managed to break his mistresses’ high heels and she is not happy about it as you can imagine. And this calls for some hard punishment to be delivered to the guy tonight. As the sexy woman browses the net she calls in the naughty guy and she has him lying on his back in front of her on the floor. She then nags him about the shoes and asks if he’s proud of what he did, so as a punishment she grabs her high heels and she makes him lick them. Well at least she sure enjoyed herself today. Until next time!


 Watch this poor slave licking her sexy heels clean!