Feet Slave – Sexy Crystal

Hey there everyone, feet slave here and we aim to become your number one go to source when you need to sate that fetish for feet porn. Today in our debuting gallery we bring you the super hot red head named Crystal working on her mistresses’ feet with her juicy lips and expert tongue. And she continues to do so as her mistress teases her with her other foot massaging her perky and cute breasts. You’ll be in for quite a treat in this first update that we bring you, so sit back, relax and enjoy the feet worshiping show.

The stern mistress found herself in a mood to have her feet liked, so she called in her personal feetslave Crystal as she always knows just how to work with her mouth in order to please her. Watch as the sexy and superb red head named Crystal gets all naked and starts sucking on the dominatrix’s toes with a passion. We’re super confident that you will love this sexy little update today, and we’ll come back again next week with more content just like this.  Until then enter the hairybabes site for similar content, enjoy yourself and to wait for our next meeting guys!


Watch this sexy babe licking her mistresses’ delicious toes!


Feet femdom

Have a look at the following scene, to see this submissive slave licking and sucking his mistresses feet. You are going to adore watching how this servant will take those toes and start licking them, one after the other, shoving them into his mouth, one at a time. Of course that he is also going to try to stuff her entire feet into his mouth, even though that’s kind of hard. Have a look at this sexy brunette who is going to dominate her slave and make him do whatever she wants too, with him and his body.

He adores to be dominate so he’ll start with her feet that he will worship, licking them, starting with her toes and going up, licking her ankles and ending up between her legs. You really got to see the following scenes but if they are not enough, have a look at femdom empire as well, to see some extra photos and pics that you will totally like watching. You are the most welcome here, into the foot fetish fantasy area, where all your wishes will come true.

feet femdom scene

Watch here this guy licking his Mistresses feet!


Feet tease at the office

Hello and welcome back to our site! We have a new and exciting feet slave update that we hope you are going to enjoy. This hot brunette desperately needs a job and she was finally called for an interview. She really needs to get the secretary job even if she was told that the boss is a bitch.

Finally she meets the sexy babe who’s going to be her boss ad they sit down for a talk. After discussing the brunette’s skills and experience the boss asks her if she is willing to be more then a secretary. She would have to make shopping for her boss and she will have to do all kind of things just to please her boss. She is willing to do anything so her first task is to go and clean her boss’s shoes. When she comes back, the naughty boss tells the brunette to rub her feet. She starts massaging the babe’s sexy feet and starts playing with her sexy toes. The boss has red nails and the brunette can’t help herself and starts kissing those sexy feet and toes. The boss likes the way this hottie worships her feet and decides to hire her. Go to http://jbvideo.org/ and watch naughty babes jerking off cocks with their nylon covered feet, you’ll find tones of hot feet fetish scenes there!


 Enjoy watching this sexy brunette licking the babe’s toes!


Licking her boots and toes

You are about to have a huge surprise today, with the most recent video update. See how this hot chick is going to take of her boots and play with her servant, making him lick her heels and her toes. But, at first, she is going to make him lay down on his back, on the ground, and she is going to start teasing him with her feet. She adores the way he is taking her toes, one after the other, licking them with passion. Not to mention when she had those boots on, he licked them all around, starting with those high heels.

Have a look at this hot brunette and see how she is going to make this guy get super horny and ready to go even further with her fetish! You are about to have a very naughty time so make sure that you are ready for this warm stay. See also the newest www.ladysuspender.org video update, to see what other incredible videos are about to be exposed there! Enjoy!

playing with her slave

See this slutty babe’s heels liked by her slave!